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L.C. Manpower Expertise Corporation

Has helped match top talent with great career opportunities for over 21 years.We take the time to understand the individual needs of employers and job seekers so we can deliver exceptional value to both. We strive to develop long-term working relationships with outstanding professionals and forward-thinking employers based upon performance and trust.We’ve organized our business to leverage the resources of a large company while still providing you with a personalized experience that small executive search firms can provide.



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We are dedicated to help talented individuals seeking fulfilment in a variety of roles, including: administration, customer service, telemarketing and merchandising. in social media.

If you have worked hard to develop your skills, experience and talent we can partner with you in finding an employer who also values your commitment and dedication.  We are proud to work with capable candidates seeking full-time, part-time or temp opportunities in Saudi Arabia

Our goal, as recruiters, is to become a specialist and an advocate in your business. We also find the skills, experience, education and mindset you are looking for, too. That enables us to recruit for your career opportunities in the best possible way.